Crafted with fine Callebaut chocolate and local ingredients, our brownies are all natural. That means no gunk or junk in your moment of sweet, chocolaty bliss. Every bite is free of artificial coloring, preservatives, trans fats and remorse.
the o.g.
original milk chocolate Brownie
Our milk chocolate brownie is packed full of flavors that will leave your sweet tooth tingling for more chocolaty goodness.
Dark & mysterious
dark chocolate brownie
Our darkest secret is your guilty pleasure. This brownie will have the most refined of palates raving.
rich & nutty
rich walnut Brownie
Feeling a little nutty? Make your taste buds go crazy with our walnut brownie. Each bite is full of crunchy nuts and rich chocolate.
smooth operator
peanut butter brownie
We are not responsible for injuries incurred while fighting over the last peanut butter brownie in the box. Seriously.
mocha infused brownie
Get a jolt of bold coffee flavor in every bite! We promise not to tell anyone you had one for breakfast.
totally toffee
crunchy toffee Brownie
Enjoy the gooeyness of our original brownie with added bits of crunchy, buttery, Texas-made toffee.
good karmel
sea salt caramel brownie
Satisfy two cravings at once! Sharing one of these sweet and salty brownies is good karma for all, but we'll understand if you keep them for yourself.
smart blondie
naked but not bare brownie
With a warm brown sugar taste, what's not to love? A box of these blondies is a no brainer!
dirty blonde
chocolate chip walnut Blondie
Our smart blondie just got a little dirty. Take off those librarian glasses and let your hair down—it's time for a party in your mouth.
notorious gfb
gluten free brownie
The gluten intolerant's dream! Get the same rich, chocolaty goodness as our original brownie, minus the gluten.

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